Interviews Do’s And Don’ts

Preparation for the interview is as important as the appointment. It is very important to learn basic professional ethics before you in front of the interview panel. Here are few tips for do’s and don’ts at the time of interview.


  1. Dress appropriately.

    You should not dazzle but you should not wear jeans, flip flops, gym clothes shirts or ball caps.
    There is a specific dress code for both male and female candidates and you must follow the rule.
    Men: Formal Shirt, Trousers, formal blazers followed by formal shoes, tie is must.
    Female: formal shirt, formal blazer, decent trouser, skirts followed by formal shoes

  2. Be on time

    There is no harm if you reach five minute early but you should never be late for your interview. It’s a mark of unprofessionalism.

  3. Be respectful of everyone you come across on venue.
  4. Turn OFF your phone not to vibrate mode
  5. You should always make an eye contact and listen attentively to your seniors.
  6. Relax and have fun during your interview, your nervousness should not be on your face.
  7. Do not forget to thank your interviewer.


  1. Think and ask only those questions that you could easily answer on your own
  2. Don’t think interview is just one part of a collection of materials. Be serious
  3. Don’t show your weaknesses display your strengths
  4. Don’t speak about your short term goals; tell them your long term goals/vision.