How To Make a Resume

Your Resume is Your Identity whenever you go for the job interview, so it is a compulsion to improve enhance & maintain your identity. Here are 6 easy steps to improve/ enhance your resume:

Start your resume with your information

  1. Full name, contact number, email address & residential address
  2. Do not forget to write down your AIM.
  3. Put your education qualification in starting.

Format Your Resume Wisely

  1. Use a logical and easily visible format and wide margins
  2. Type your resume cleanly and with clear headings
  3. Use bullets to grab attention on your strength points (i.e. achievements)

Try to find Accomplishments not only Job Descriptions

  1. There is a difference between what you did in the job & what your job was. Try to focus on what you have done.
  2. Your accomplishments should be unique it should not match the list of what everyone else has done.

Quantify Yourself

Introduce and highlight your specific achievements that make a picture of your marketability in front of the panel.

Cater Your Resume for the Industry

You make the impression when your accomplishments, grammatically-correct, and clean resume speaks out your achievements.

Try to put “Career Summary” Instead of “Objective”

Your Aim should be loud and clear so specify your Aim with a career summary instead putting it into the objective it will make your resume stand out from queue